The Fox, The Forest and The Darkness is a mystery adventure game for kids of all ages 10 and up.


Meet Zak.

Zak is frustrated because he has to spend his Saturday in the park making up missed homework. As Zak struggles to find mushrooms for his homework he meets a fox named Cora. Cora can’t talk but somehow Zak still hears her. Cora needs Zak’s help to get through the forest and she knows where mushrooms are. Together they push further and further into an ever shifting and growing forest filled with adventures and trials Zak never knew possible.

There’s a Darkness growing in these woods and it’s up to Zak, Cora and You to figure out why and how to stop it.

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What’s Happening Now

We are currently developing:

  • A much better landscape material
  • Rigging our trees and shrubs to move with the wind.
  • AI sense perceptions for characters in Level 2!
Cora Close Up