Foodi Chicken Stock

  • chicken bones (from one whole chicken, or saved bones)
  • 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • aromatics (aka roasting veg), if desired (onion, celery, carrots, etc., can be whole or scraps/peels)
  • water to fill the Instant Pot to the max line
  1. Place all the ingredients in the Instant Pot and fill with water to the max line.
  2. Turn the pressure valve to “sealing” and press the “soup/broth” button. If you don’t have that button, you can press the “manual” or “pressure cook” button so your pot is on medium pressure.
  3. Use the “-” and “+” buttons to adjust the timer to cook for 30 minutes.
  4. When the timer has gone off, use natural pressure release (i.e. do nothing) to let the pressure come down on its own. If you are in a rush, you can use the quick release pressure method, but be careful when turning the valve from “sealing” to “venting” so that your hands and face are NOT over the holds of the vent.
  5. When the pot is finished venting and the float valve has come down, pour the contents of the Instant Pot through a colander into a large pot.
  6. Freeze or can the chicken stock if you are not using right away. If you still have bones, repeat this process as desired.