Kitty At The River

Kitty At The River is a mystery adventure game written and directed by 706Gaming’s Will Leamon with Art Direction by Viky Shen. 

Kitty is a witch and apothecary in the Valley of the Wildcats. The Valley thrives with a variety of cats who live on both sides of the river. Tension and conflict is on the rise in the valley between Fisher Cats and Farmer Cats and Kitty is caught in the middle. Now it seems a nefarious force is sabotaging the land and leading the Valley community down a dangerous path that Kitty must figure out how to navigate. 

Check out the playable demo on!

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What’s Happening Now

We are currently developing:

  • Will is writing the script, lore and other world building duties and isn’t exactly fun to be around right now. 
  • Viky is finishing up her degree this Spring of ’24 and we’re doing everything we can to help her (which basically means leaving her alone to work)
  • We are currently building out a dedicated website for the game which will be available soon. We hope to offer not only a look into Kitty’s world but also our own struggles to independently develop the game. 
  • For now we’d love to hear any feedback you might want to offer on the demo. Reach us through if you like.