Welcome to the GJJ!

Coffee and cigarettes, cookies and milk, music and visuals – somethings just go great together. 

If you like the music, Will also has a couple of albums out under the name £400 Hacker

These roughly six minute tracks are the strange creations of 706Gaming’s Creative Director Will Leamon who was something of a local VJ back in the day. The music is remixed and mashed up tracks from five years of participating in game jams all across the Internet. Sometimes we mix them together and sometimes we pick one game and extend it. Whatever way it goes we hope you find a chill yet engaging experience ahead. 

Track 1 – Flowers Water Music

706Gaming’s 2d Texture Artist Julie Hawkins worked with us on the first episode celebrating summer weather and summer fun. 

Track 2 – Throwback Roots

We grew up through the times of the video with MIDI demo scene and then the venerable Winamp visualizers. This is something of a love letter to them but rooted in modern techniques. 

Track 3 – Light In The Dark

Music from a Halloween Jam about escaping unseen monsters.